Highly regarded as a top-tier professional, he excels in branding, marketing, communication, sales, and business management.

He has conducted several go-to-market strategies, managed P&Ls,  led and overseen highly dedicated teams, rolled out several business/financial models for blue chip companies in technology, textile, financial services, beverages, and government services, with proven track-records in each market he has worked in.

Eddy Ediame

About Me


With consideration to his entrepreneurship journey, he is also a Director of companies incorporated in several african jurisdictions, an experienced property investor, doubled with wealth management expertise for individuals across the southern african region (SADC), and a genuine Pan-African lobbyist promoting trade beyond borders as well as financial education for underserved communities.

Born and grown in Congo (DRC) before becoming an africapitalist with interests in several countries, EDIAME built his career in a way that he started from the bottom of the pyramid and made it to the top level by holding a seat on the Exco’s table as a Director, tirelessly achieving high performances up to constantly be promoted at senior leadership roles within multinational organizations (MNO).

What Services I'm Providing


A good corporate strategy sets a clear direction and vision for your business, helps you stay competitive, and allocate resources efficiently. It’s crucial for long-term success and involves a deep understanding of your market, customers, and internal capabilities.


My business development services help you grow your customer base and revenue. My experienced professionals have a successful track record in finding new markets and partnerships. As a team, we customize our services to meet your requirements, like market research and asset management. We collaborate with you to unlock your business’s full potential. Contact us to learn more.


We provide top-notch early-stage enterprise investment assistance. With our experience and dedication to clients, we help you navigate the challenging landscape, launch new businesses or grow existing ones. Our personalized approach ensures expert management and protection of your investment. Contact us to learn more.


We provide customized real estate investing solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Our experts analyze market trends and risks to identify profitable investment opportunities. We also assist with due diligence, financial analysis, and portfolio management. Contact us for more information.


We specialize in wealth management advisory, creating tailored financial plans, managing assets efficiently to maximize returns and minimize risk, and monitoring plans to align with changing goals. Our experienced advisors prioritize collaboration, trust, and communication, to build lasting relationships and secure your financial future.


Our experienced team provides customized public relations and corporate communication services to businesses seeking to maintain a positive reputation. We offer strategic planning, media relations, crisis communication and corporate branding solutions that cater to your unique needs and goals.

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